“Una birra, per favore!”

A beer, please!

Local Beer

Where to begin… so many options when it comes to our beer varietals. Hmm.. let us first grab a cold one off tap and take a moment to reflect… Ahh thats better!

Options are one thing that you can’t go wrong with. At LPK we love giving our guest options. Options when paired with quality are guaranteed to result in happy campers parked at the dining room tables! We proudly offer a whopping 50 different beer selections. Many of them local, some of them imported, one of them sure to please your brewsky cravings.

Faced with the daunting task to live up to our reputation for awesomeness (that we set for ourselves) we had to accept the fact that having a mediocre beer selection was just not something that was going to fly. So, we decided to face the mission head on and set out to make the most awesome beer menu we possibly could. We do have some limitations (such as space and storage) because we are in the middle of the french quarter and empty space is not a luxury most restaurants here have. Therefore, when venturing out on our beer quest we had to choose wisely and tastefully to give our guests the biggest punch within the number of options we could house.

Here’s what we came up with:

Local options

Since we are locally owned and locally grown, we have to support our Louisiana Breweries and those of our neighboring states. We proudly carry several local breweries such as Abita, Bayou Teche Brewing, Covington Brewhouse & Lazy Magnolia.

Beer1Abita Brewery: Purple Haze, Jockamo IPA, Turbo Dog, Abita Light, Abita Amber draft and Abita Seasonal draft
Bayou Teche Brewing: LA31 Pale Ale, LA31 Biere Noir and LA31 Passione
Covington Brewhouse: Strawberry Ale, Pontchartrain Pilsner
Lazy Magnolia: Southern Pecan

Local Beer

Imported options
We searched high and low searching for the best micro-brewed and imported beers that would be able to keep up with the flavors and tastes of our creole-italian dishes. We carry beers from all over the world including: Italy, England, Ireland, France, Belgium and Mexico. Here are a few of our favorites:
imported beer
Peroni (Italy)
Duvel Golden Ale (Belgium)
Chimay Grande Reserve (Belgium)
Spaten Franziskaner Hefe-Weissen (Germany)


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